Flexible Elastomeric Foam (FEF)

FEF is a soft insulation material adopted the EPDM rubber which known as "no cracks rubber" as raw material. FEF is with stable performance, anti-cracking, resistance to high and low temperature, and high elasticity and so on.

PIR Polyisocyanurate Foam

PIR is made of polyether polyol and polymeric isocyanate as the main raw materials, together with catalyst, flame retardant and environmentally friendly foaming agent. PIR has good low temperature adaptability, low thermal conductivity, good heat resistance and flame retardancy, and can also greatly improve its physical properties, compressive strength and fire resistance by using additives.

Foam Glass

Foam glass is a kind of lightweight, high-strength material which is made of waste flat glass and bottle glass and is foamed at high temperature. It is insulating, fireproof, waterproof, non-toxic, corrosion-resistant, non-aging, non-radioactive and high mechanical strength.


Thermofoil is a product consisting of paper bonded between two layers of aluminum foil with fire retardant adhesives. It also contains fibre glass reinforcing in between the two aluminum layers in a tri-directional pattern to provide correct serviceabiblity required for this product.
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