Established in 1977, Faithsun Enterprise Corporation not only produce camprofile gaskets for high temperature and high pressure, but as an agent of Holand and USA mechnical parts company(gaskets for high temperature, high pressure, high corrosion and graphite tape).
Faithsun Enterprise services FPC, CPC, Taiwan Power Company for Nuclear and Thermal power plant and petrochemical factory and machnical factory etc. Our main products are DOUBLE JACKET GASKET, SPIRAL WOUND GASKET, CAMPROFILE GASKET and RING JOINT GASKET etc.
Integrity is always our main core value, Sustainable Business is a fundamental principle of Faithsun enterprise, service customers and solve technical problems with Trust and Honor.
Moreover, Faithsun Enterprise also bring Anti-Corrosion products and Elbow Covers from USA in order to solving CUI problem in factorys.