Ring Joint Gasket


Application:sealing of flanges at high temperature and pressure

Camprofile Gasket


Camprofile gaskets consist of a metal core, generally stainless steel,with concentric grooves on either side. A sealing layer is usually applied on both sides. Camprofile gasket can provide excellent seal, and the sealing layers protect the flange surfaces from damage. Application: 1.The pipe flange for high temperature and high pressure and various valves 2. Reduces maintenance costs and leakage.

Double Jacket Gasket


Application: flange sealing of piping and different kinds of equipment Application: Sealing of different kinds of mechanical pump, pipe, valve, heat exchanger for various media

Spiral Wound Gasket

The gasket is designed for spirally wound alternatively with formed metallic band and non-metallic sea belt
Application: Power Station, aviation, petroleum, valve

Braided Packing


We carefully sort and compound braiding fiber materials and manufacture series of braided packing, which are suitable for different temperature gradients, pressure ratings, and medium conditions and one of them will surely meet your requirement.

Flexible Graphite Tape


Made from quality natural graphite of integral crystal lattice structure through purification high-temperature treatment, and rolling besides the performance of graphite and have excellent flexibility, compression resilience and oil-resistance and are the materials for sealing.

Application: Graphite tape is used as a layering material for various types of gaskets and as filler in metal-jacketed gaskets.

Die-Form Ring


Made through moldig of flexible graphite material and braided packings

Application: Packing sealing for valves,pumps and reaction vessels.